School’s Out for Summer

School Front

I pulled up to the curb of my son’s school, just like I had the previous 719 times, save for a handful of times when the occasional flu bug or “self-esteem day” kept my son home from school for the day. The warm June sun peeking up over the Idaho mountains gave promise to a beautiful day ahead.

When we left the house, I hadn’t given much thought to our morning, as it was like any other. We woke up 30 minutes before we had to leave, showered, chowed down some breakfast, grabbed our stuff, and bolted out the door. As usual, we negotiated the iTunes playlist that would govern our 20-minute drive to school.

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The Raised on Movies Origin Story

The year was 1985, which, by the way, I contend is one of the best years of the 1980s as far as movies are concerned (likely the subject of a later post). I was heading into public school for the first time, entering fifth grade. Image result for 1985Prior to my mingling with the heathens and sociopaths I expected to find in the public school system, I had spent the previous four years being indoctrinated into a private Christian school system, which was really about 20 kids under the same roof, all homeschooling together at the same time and place.

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