50+ Essential Horror Movies: A Guide to Introducing Your Kids to the Genre

Previously on this site, I began with making a case for why parents should institute a family movie night tradition, after which I followed up with my [imperfect and incomplete] list of 89 movies from the 80s that could make a great starting point for such a tradition to unfold.

In that list, I specifically excluded two types of movies—Star Wars and those within the horror genre—because I believe they deserve their own lists.

Before we jump into the horror genre, allow me to provide context. After all, a lot of parents might stop reading at this point, wondering why in the deep-fried holy hell parents would even want to introduce their kids to the horror genre.

Well, for this movie-loving father figure, horror is where my love of film originated.

The horror genre provides a benefit few other film types can offer a view: catharsis. What is this mystical and semi-obscure idea? Continue reading


89 Essential 80s Movies for Parent-Child Movie Nights

Disclaimer: I was 5 (and a half) in 1980 and 14 (and a half) when we rang in the new year in 1990. That stated, get comfortable, because there’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to 80s flicks.

As mentioned previously in the origin story for this site, and as painfully obvious as the site’s title implies, I watched a fully rounded metric buttload (2.205 times larger than a SAE buttload) of movies as a kid, and as stated above, the 80s encompassed more than half of my childhood. Therefore, it’s understandable that I have a lot to say about my beloved childhood films, and even more obvious is the fact that I love to share those experiences with my kids.

Stated plainly, I watch a LOT of 80s movies with my children. When we first started, I wasn’t sure how they would take them. After all, if my father had ever sat down to watch  a movie with me during the 80s and busted out one of his childhood favorites, that would mean I would have had to sit through some black and white movie from the early 1950s. Image result for hard pass No offense to classic movie lovers, but no thanks. With that in mind, when I offered to watch one of my faves with my young children, I was concerned that they would view them with the same level of disdain.

Boy, was I wrong and glad to be so. Movie nights featuring films from the 80s are far and away my kids’ favorites, so below, I am offering an essential lineup of films to watch with your kids, including three items: 1) Quick quote (first thing to come to my mind), 2) My take on the significance of the film, and 3) My kids’ reactions to the movies. I’ve also included links to IMDB.com for each movie in case you want to learn more about them, such as looking up who’s in each movie, trivia, quotes, soundtrack info, etc., along with any other pertinent links where applicable. Continue reading