The first movie my parents ever took me to see was Star Wars: A New Hope. Standing in a line that seemed to stretch across the Pacific Ocean, I remember the feeling of excitement in the air, and once we got into the theater, I was enthralled with the sheer vastness of the inside of Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. I’m pretty sure I had ADD or ADHD, but those conditions hadn’t been named yet, so I was most likely off the rails, but once that opening crawl and John Williams’ masterpiece started playing, I froze. Standing up and holding on to the seat in front of me, I didn’t move for the next two hours straight.

That was all I needed for my new addiction to sink its grappling hooks into my skin.

For the better part of my childhood, I watched as many movies as I possibly could. I studied their stories, their intricacies, and reenacted their scenes outside with my friends. At one point in my childhood, it became a dream to become a screenwriter, director, and even a cameraman. While I did not end up pursuing a career in film, I remained a true celluloid addict, even as I grew out of childhood (though many say that has yet to occur).

Throughout my life, movie quotes have permeated my everyday parlance, and much of my personality has been borrowed from or at least influenced by some of my favorite on-screen characters.

This blog represents my love letter to the world, particularly to those like me, who find themselves irresistibly attracted to the beauty, complexity, and depth of storytelling through film.

While I may write about a wide swath of topics, from mindfulness and savoring the moment (my research specialties), to parenting and relationships (my passion), and from the absurdity of modern life to, of course, shared movie moments with my family, each and every piece featured here has undoubtedly been influenced by film.

In fact, I encourage you, dear reader, to find the hidden (or obvious) movie quotes and references buried within every post.

Sometimes obscure and sometimes about as subtle as a cudgel, movies (and sometimes, really great television) inspire and impel my every thought, and I invite you to share that journey with me.