A Long Expected Party

The first movie I can ever remember seeing was one of the greats. In 1977, my parents took me to see Star Wars: A New Hope, and the first thing I remember feeling was the palpable excitement in the air. Everyone was talking about this experience, and even though I didn’t fully comprehend their conversations, I certainly absorbed their level of engagement as we stood in a line that went well around the block.

Since that day, which I will most likely write about in more detail later, I fell in love with the magic of movies. For the better part of my childhood, home entertainment came in one of three forms: 1) My Atari 2600 (man, I miss that thing; wish I hadn’t sold it so cheap on eBay), 2) My monthly trip to the public library to fill up an Avon box full of books, and 3) My weekly trip to the 99-cent video rental store to pull anywhere from 3-5 movies to keep me entertained over the weekend.

Given that these three activities were relatively cheap, it is easy to extrapolate from my storytelling that I grew up in an environment that was, shall we say, modest in means. While other friends from school were going on lavish vacations or showing off their new skateboards or Casio calculator watches, my imagination was stoked through the art of storytelling.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I spent every waking hour in front of a screen or book. Those only provided the impetus for the rest of my activities. I’d read Hound of the Baskervilles and then go outside for the next week and try to solve neighborhood mysteries. I’d watch the latest Indiana Jones installment and then draw up a treasure map to test my friends’ mettle.  Basically, my entire personality was inspired by the stories I absorbed for the greater part of my life.

That’s where this latest journey begins.

For most of my life, I have loved writing to entertain as well as to inform and inspire others. I first discovered blogging back on MySpace in the early 2000s (boy, there’s a name we haven’t uttered in a while) and found great success in doing it. But then, college came along, and I stopped blogging in favor of writing weekly papers.

That went on for about a decade until I was done with my doctorate and felt the need to blog again. I created a blog on mindful parenting, which again, was met with great success, and I found immense enjoyment in publishing it. That venture led to a book deal along with many other opportunities. But then, my kids grew up and started moving out, and I started running out of things to write about without sounding like a broken record, a scratched CD, or a corrupted MP3 download, depending on your generational metaphor of choice.

For the last three years, I pretty much floundered. I wanted badly to blog, but everything I came up with pigeonholed me into far too narrow a space. My writing interests are broad, ranging from mindfulness and communication (my professional interests) to relationships and parenting (my personal interests), and from family movie reviews (because my family and I still watch movies together each and every weekend) all the way to random writing about current events.

Part of the struggle was in coming up with an umbrella theme under which all my diverse interests could fall, and then, thanks in part to a wise friend who took the time to listen and an out-of-town conference that broke me out of my typical routine, inspiration struck. Sitting in the San Jose airport outside my gate during a three-hour layover, I suddenly realized that everything in my life somehow ties back to movies.

Catch me in a conversation about the impact of mindfulness on the higher education classroom, and I’ll find a way to sneak in a Chris Farley quote. Pull me into a discussion on the economics of parenting, and I’m bound to make an obscure reference to the old Tracy Ullman Show.

That’s when it hit me. I was genuinely, authentically, honestly, and without any shred of doubt, raised on movies. Upon seeing that the domain was available, the rest was history.

This. Is. My. Calling.

I belong here.

I invite you, if you’re reading this, to follow along for the journey, because damn if we aren’t going to have some seriously great conversations along the way.

But bring your best movie quotes and references to the discussion, because there’s going to be at least one in every damn thing I write for this endeavor, and it’s hella fun to play along in an impromptu movie quote battle! I encourage you to leave your quotes or comments here on the blog itself or on my Facebook page


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